Mogok+New Year

Assalamualaikum all. Last night I was quite pissed off and clueless as Blogspot has suddenly do maintainance. The funny thing is, the language that they use to describe their activity.
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Look at the language. ‘Brief’ is always be a joke. Just say

  1. Blogger is currently under scheduled maintainance.
  2. Blogger is currently unavailable due to maintainance.
  3. or Blogger is under maintainance.

Simple innit? Brief maintainance? I was waiting hours man! OK. Maybe I’m just pissed off because I can’t access to other blogspot’s blogs. Astaghfirullah~ Huhuh.

So basically, it’s new year for Muslims. Alhamdulillah. Being able to see 1428 and blessed in Islam. Thank you Allah for giving me chances.

So, basically, I managed to find a blog which provides the prayer, which supposed to be read in between asr and maghrib (sunset and dawn). To those who lives in GMT +1 to +8, you still have time to print and read it! (Budak2 US, Ohio, Canada, etc). Here’s the copy of the prayer.

PS: Thanks to pakcik neomick. May Allah rewards you.

My resolutions:
(Err…I’ll keep it to myself then. Between me and Allah 😉

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