My webstats skyrocketed!

Bismillah. I do not expect to get such attention from people. This morning, I check my blog’s traffic as usual, something weird happened. Usually the range of visitor is from 42-15 per day, but this morning, I was so shocked to see the skyrocketed graph, that says my blog received 609 visitors on 26th April 2007, after 9 hours I posted “I do have something to say on pilihanraya kecil Ijok”. Gosh. Malaysian do care about politic actually. See the pix. Click to enlarge.

wah!! amek kau! kalau berniaga ni mau untung berjuta (material2…)

skyrocketed graph

master yg gle kuasa

4 thoughts on “My webstats skyrocketed!

  1. Yah, bersedia kena tahan dek ISA. Kita plot sesuatu untuk menjatuhkan gov. Bahaye.

  2. Saya tingin gak nak bagi komentar… ZTapi saya sudah ditutup mulut… Hum….

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