Malaysian Dreamgirl 2

The opportunity to be a model is back again. The one that made Hanis Zalikha famous. Ehehehe. Well, last time I don’t like the jury (Sazzy Falak). Luckily in the second season, she’s not in anymore. Oh, the last season’s contestant, had made the show became Malaysian Dreamgirlbitch. Aih. It’s all about winning a Latio and money.

Well friends, if you think you are cun giler and have what it takes to be a model (tall, slim, slender, blah3), so go to a walk-in auditions in:

Date 13 Dec 08
Time 10am – 5pm
Venue Bayview Hotel, Georgetown
Impiana Casuarina Hotel

Date 14 Dec 08
Time 10am – 5pm
Venue Impiana Casuarina Hotel
Hotel Selesa

Date 20 Dec 08
Time 10am – 5pm
Venue Hotel Selesa
Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa

Date 10 Jan 09
Time 10am – 5pm
Venue Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa

So, make sure you have a bunch of geek friends who are willing to vote for you! It’s worth a Chevrolet babe!!
Uh, oh. Goodie bag worth RM100 for early 25 girls!

3 thoughts on “Malaysian Dreamgirl 2

  1. Miss Aini,

    Ehem..!! Assalamualaikum.
    I have 10 blogs..Can you believe it? That is all because of you..Now, 4 Ros pupils can make a blog by itself!!!! Thank you, Miss Aini.. I only have 3 blogs, actually..The other seven is not mine. Hani, Alya and Ihdini make 2 or 3 private blog and then, they invited me. Okay, that’s all I want to tell you.. Bye..


  2. ehem aisyah. wa’alaikummussalam.

    haha. that’s great. to know all of you are becoming keen bloggers. haha. well, anyways, for your ict curriculum, you guys are going to learn how to blog anyway. but then, i’ve thought you earlier, which already gave you guys big bonus. haha.

    and for the second question, they will pay me each time people click on the advertisement on the left hand side. if you want to do me some favor (ehem, meaning makes me richer. haha :P) you can click those advertisements everytime you visit this blog. thanks aisyah! love you!! haha 😛

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