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Honestly, I’m feeling stress doing the preparation for the wedding. There are million things to do, so little time. With tonnes of workload at school, how can I cope it? With loadsa help from some lovely people. That’s how I maintain my sanity. To this date, the card haven’t been printed. I want it to be printed before raya, so that I can give it to my sedara mara yang hanya datang rumah pada hari raya. Need to take their phone number as well, to remind them again in December. Anyways, this is a hint of wedding card.


I used Paint (using my brother’s basic com in Manjung). Cut and paste, from the original wedding card design. Whalla! I can put this on our website. Hehe 😀

I just sent the edited version to Encik Lukman, a wedding card printer yang siap kasi servis mengira keserasian dan jodoh mengikut tarikh lahir. He deserves extra quid kan? Plus, he did it quickly. He designed it in 2 weeks and hopefully print it by the end of September.

PS: Please send me your email and address to my email (aini[at]omaraini[dot]com) I would like to invite you to my wedding. I am currently updating my address book. Cheers!!

4 thoughts on “Early invitation

  1. ohhh, sukanya kamu sudah mau kawen! lepas ini I akan jadi aunty yg vogue gitu haha but so sedey at the same time – lepas ni kamu sia boleh lagi datang overnight di rumah gue =(

    Hope all goes well til the big day comes in Dec! C you in JB soon. puasa xde sek on saturday ohh lalala!

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