Online invitation

Salam and hello all. I have sent a few cards to the people who had sent me their addresses. Some addresses that I got late, will be posted around next week. I have sent some invitation on facebook as well, tapi in the end, my jari was so penat. Moreover my short trip to perak is because I want to meet Pakya (the Muslim’s marriage wedding registrar in my place). Hence, I decided to post it online.

Dearest lovely people that have walked into my life, I would like to share the most awaited moment in my life. I would like to invite you to my wedding, via this website:

To end this entry, I would like to insert a beautiful quotation from the noble Quran.

“ Dan diantara tanda-tanda(kebesaran)Nya ilah Dia menciptakan pasangan-pasangan untukmu dari jenismu sendiri,agar kamu cenderung dan berasa temteram kepadanya.Dan menjadikan diantaramu rasa kasih dan sayang”. (QS anRuum:21)

More to be read at:

Mudahan Allah memudahkan urusan pernikahan kami. Amin.

Early invitation

Honestly, I’m feeling stress doing the preparation for the wedding. There are million things to do, so little time. With tonnes of workload at school, how can I cope it? With loadsa help from some lovely people. That’s how I maintain my sanity. To this date, the card haven’t been printed. I want it to be printed before raya, so that I can give it to my sedara mara yang hanya datang rumah pada hari raya. Need to take their phone number as well, to remind them again in December. Anyways, this is a hint of wedding card. Continue reading