It starts in me

When I enter the site, only one word I can use to describe my feeling when navigating the site, “beautiful”. The hot air balloons and successful females in Malaysia. It’s so beautiful.

It starts in me project is about pursuing dream. To pursue a dream, one would have to work hard for it. And to work hard, one needs to have a good healthy body. Which promotes Dutch Lady Shine yogurt drink!

The campaign suits me and I think you should give a look at it. Let’s drink Dutch Lady Shine. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “It starts in me

  1. Have you tried Shine?
    I tried the peach flavoured one & it was pretty bad…
    I am a yogurt eater & this one is the worst I have ever tasted!
    Perhaps the other flavours are better…

  2. koko: I’ve tried strawberry and it tastes nicer than Nestle Bliss. I would defintely buy DL Shine.

    hunny: that is orked. anak saiful nang. Heheh. Cute kan?

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