Obama wins yeay!

Why do I support Barrack Obama?

  1. I always like dark, tall and handsome guy.
  2. He promises change and better healthcare.
  3. He has a fashionable wife.
  4. He used to live in Indonesia, and not a war prisoner. He’s not that tough like McCain and more human.
  5. He is a democrat. Yeay!
  6. He is the one who will change the world.

4 thoughts on “Obama wins yeay!

  1. aaa, tall dark n hensem. that explains Omark haha

    Kevins not happy w the win, but cannot do anything la, whether he likes it or not, Obama akan jd dia nye commander in chief so kn yes bos yes bos je la. we see how this guys going to or not going to change the world. four more yrs, til the next election. im excited!!

  2. Tazz: Ya… haha… Kevin Republican yaa… Bagus la he tak support gay. Kakakaka.

    Mustz: Mana awak baca?

    Aisyah: I’ve already answered in our YM conversation.

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