I got Johor! Yeay!

Haha. I just got the news from other people. Haven’t seen the result of my posting by myself yet. I can’t access the site apparently. Huhuh. And I am so happy to get Johor but unfortunately most of my babes got Sabah. Huu. If anything happens, my backup system is so far away lah kan. Oh!! Huu. Prolly I can give them a visit during school holiday.

So here are the pros and cons of my situation.


  1. If anything happens to me or my family, it is reachable by any land vehicle.
  2. Got a place near to my bf of course. Haha.
  3. Tazzy pun ada dkt sana. Anything that includes the business of managing Malaysian education system, I can ask the person who ate the salt way earlier. Ahaha.


  1. Tak dapat elaun wilayah. So harapan nak beli kereta canggih manggih adalah nipis sedikit, melainkan I got elaun gefren. Haha!! 😀
  2. Jauh dari backup system ku. Huu.
  3. Quite far from my hometown. Tapi jauh lg kalau daku dapat Sabah kan? Huu~

First and foremost, thank you god for everything that you gave to me. I am so grateful of this situation.

4 thoughts on “I got Johor! Yeay!

  1. oh yes, dgn myvi merahku, kita akan hook up and ronggeng di Spore, unless aktiviti sekolah membuatkan kita hv no life on the wknd haha

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