Metafora kad library

Pagi ni aku beriya nak buat tugasan, meminjam buku dari library eltc menggunakan my friend’s card (apparently arini tertinggal purse sbb smlm tukar henbeg *aish*). jadi sekejap je la meminjam nya kerana dah tahu kedudukan buku tersebut dan my speed of walking pun lebih kurang macam walkathon juga. haha.

so, pasal tajuk entry ni, in eltc library, if we were to borrow academic books, we need to stake our library card. so i stake her card in order to borrow the book. so my fren’s card, sepatutnya laminated, but it is not because last time she cut her card because it doesn’t fit her purse. the card is soft and pulpous, as it has been used avidly and it is not protected from liquid. tak kisah la, janji dapat pinjam buku.

then i want to return the book. so i get back my fren’s card and say thank you to the librarian bla3, then walk back to the hostel. on the way, still holding the card, i kind of have a weird feeling. i pressed the card. i just realised that her card is laminated. how awesome. kakak library had laminated the card when i put it in library’s stake. i bet my friend will like her card laminated because she initially planned to do so.

then i left the card on her bed, and this evening i asked her, ‘do you notice that your eltc library card is laminated?’. she was frantically said ‘what?? lemme have a look’. and she was joyous.

iĀ  can elate this situation with the kindness that god has offered us. we often not see the kindness, because it is done in transparent way. and we never notice the kindness that is offered in subtle way because the great act of kindness, is never aloud.

Download day for Firefox 3

People! Let’s put our pledge to Firefox 3 and download it on 17th of June 2008, and make ff3 becomes the most downloadable software in one day. Kindly click the cute fox cartoon at the left sidebar of this blog. Currently Malaysia has 7.351 people who have pledged to download ff3 on its launch date.


Last night all I can remember was, I had a really bad dream. Firstly was islamic’s art. In the dream I asked myself “apehal islamik2 nieh?” (why on earth this islamic thingy?). Then another fragment, which is very very frightening and I almost wet my pant.

Dream 1: i can’t really remember how it started but all I can remember was, there are people roaming around in a dark place then suddenly there’s a screeching sound, and everyone was closing their ears with hands and after about 2 minutes, the sound went off and and our ears was bleeding. and in my heart “kiamat ke nie? adakah ini semboyan pertama yg matikan org2 beriman? betul ke ni kiamat?” and i was like so freaked out. then i saw my mum and i was hugging her from the back and I was crying woefully “mak~~along takut… along nak bertaubat…mak~~kiamat ke nie? arini pagi jumaat” and all i can remember was that recall my sins that i had done and i regret them.

Dream 2: this evening, after I read a few pages of Toni Morissons, I fell asleep. In my long dream (I cut it short because I’m not a good narrator), I was havinga relationship with someone’s husband. he is handsome, tough-bod, posh and pampers me a lot. I even sat on his lap during an art perfomance show (what??). So i get up with a confused feeling, because I think I’ve fall in love with that person (my preference is old guy mkay? like richard gere and pierce brosnan. šŸ˜› )

For the first dream, I probably had it after I read an article in iluvislam site (because I want to do some research of theology, they have good articles about it but I didn’t manage to find because I read the very frightening one). It was about hell pit, how big it is, how torturing it is and I could not even finish reading it. I only read for a bit, then I had goosebumps, my neck ached and my hair neck was standing. I was mental for awhile.

The second one affects my emotion. He called me and I was like “idontloveyoulikeididyesterday” (mychem song, haha). He was trying to be nice but I was so tempted to be pampered and loved, like what happened in the dream. I asked myself “what’s happening? that guy was not even real and you’re demanding so much from a real guy”. Then I thought of having a time of my own and not hurt him. I was mamai and soapy anyway. Huhu.

Now I’m afraid to go to sleep. I hadn’t had bad dream for long. I texted some people. They said what you dream will not become true (2nd dream) and just ignore it. But the first one? Gosh. I’m really scared. Is this a sign or something??