Last night all I can remember was, I had a really bad dream. Firstly was islamic’s art. In the dream I asked myself “apehal islamik2 nieh?” (why on earth this islamic thingy?). Then another fragment, which is very very frightening and I almost wet my pant.

Dream 1: i can’t really remember how it started but all I can remember was, there are people roaming around in a dark place then suddenly there’s a screeching sound, and everyone was closing their ears with hands and after about 2 minutes, the sound went off and and our ears was bleeding. and in my heart “kiamat ke nie? adakah ini semboyan pertama yg matikan org2 beriman? betul ke ni kiamat?” and i was like so freaked out. then i saw my mum and i was hugging her from the back and I was crying woefully “mak~~along takut… along nak bertaubat…mak~~kiamat ke nie? arini pagi jumaat” and all i can remember was that recall my sins that i had done and i regret them.

Dream 2: this evening, after I read a few pages of Toni Morissons, I fell asleep. In my long dream (I cut it short because I’m not a good narrator), I was havinga relationship with someone’s husband. he is handsome, tough-bod, posh and pampers me a lot. I even sat on his lap during an art perfomance show (what??). So i get up with a confused feeling, because I think I’ve fall in love with that person (my preference is old guy mkay? like richard gere and pierce brosnan. πŸ˜› )

For the first dream, I probably had it after I read an article in iluvislam site (because I want to do some research of theology, they have good articles about it but I didn’t manage to find because I read the very frightening one). It was about hell pit, how big it is, how torturing it is and I could not even finish reading it. I only read for a bit, then I had goosebumps, my neck ached and my hair neck was standing. I was mental for awhile.

The second one affects my emotion. He called me and I was like “idontloveyoulikeididyesterday” (mychem song, haha). He was trying to be nice but I was so tempted to be pampered and loved, like what happened in the dream. I asked myself “what’s happening? that guy was not even real and you’re demanding so much from a real guy”. Then I thought of having a time of my own and not hurt him. I was mamai and soapy anyway. Huhu.

Now I’m afraid to go to sleep. I hadn’t had bad dream for long. I texted some people. They said what you dream will not become true (2nd dream) and just ignore it. But the first one? Gosh. I’m really scared. Is this a sign or something??

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