Bitching bout bags

ainee: tgk ni
ainee: ebay link
Deslack: hahahaha
Deslack: athousand bucks for a bag
ainee: nama pon anya hindmarch
Deslack: he bought it 10gbp
Deslack: and he’s trying to sell at 179gbp?
ainee: bag tu limited edition
Deslack: no, he bought it 5gbp

Deslack: hmm
Deslack: perhaps
Deslack: but it’s just a bag… right?
ainee: no~~~
ainee: it is anya hindmarch bag…
Deslack: enlighten me
Deslack: who is anya hindmarch?
ainee: a very very nice handbag line
Deslack: hahahaha
Deslack: [quote from wiki] I’m Not A Plastic Bag:

In 2007 Hindmarch, in collaboration with the global social change movement We Are What We Do,[7] designed the global sell out Tote bag I’m Not A Plastic Bag, using her influence in a positive way to make it fashionable not to use plastic bags.[8] The limited edition canvas totes sold for £5, launching in four limited edition colours around the world, and were selected by Vanity Fair to be included in their “Oscars” goodie bags.[9] 100,000 customers registered online to try to buy I’m Not A Plastic Bag, while 30 people in Beijing, China were treated in hospital after being caught in what was described as a scrum.

ainee: what is a scrum?
Deslack: let’s find out
ainee: “when a group of people push each other to get to a place or obtain something”
ainee: oh
ainee: verb for scrummage
ainee: huhuh
Deslack: oh
ainee: see?
ainee: gler tak?
ainee: hohoh
Deslack: yeah
ainee: how can u say it’s just a bag
Deslack: because of a bag, humans became animals
ainee: it’s anya hindmarch mkay?
Deslack: hahahaha
Deslack: seriously
Deslack: this inspires me, u know that?
ainee: like how?
ainee: 😛
ainee: (im glad i inspire u)
Deslack: to create a fashion line
Deslack: like ysl
Deslack: i have the figures kan?
Deslack: and i just need to shave
Deslack: pakai baju figure-hugging
ainee: 😐

Deslack: and people will berebut to buy my clothing
ainee: u know what
ainee: i have temptation u turn our conversation into QDB
Deslack: hm?
Deslack: go ahead
ainee: rili?
Deslack: jgn marah la i jd rich and famous
Deslack: khayam
Deslack: hahahahaha
Deslack: ey youuu… it’s khayamm okayy!!
ainee: omg
ainee: i LOL really
Deslack: the coolest fashion line of the timee

(oke, tell me what have i done?)

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