Why do we get married?

Is this a plague? People are getting hitched during school holidays and we have to literally fight for the hall bookings, mak andams, florists, pelamins and many more. We become so engrossed with wedding preparation and forgetting why are we getting married initially.

It’s time for a new phase of our life. Marriage and wedding is extremely different. Wedding is only for a few days while marriage is for a lifetime (even though you are seperated, divorced, you are still connected with each other somehow because your spouse will be permanently recorded in your history). Marriage is sacred, yet challenging each other with daily arguments (e.g: you-should-put-down-the-toilet-seat!) and many more gross habits.

Wedding preparation can be pretty stressful. All these images that we have from magazines, friend’s wedding, media, etc. We want our wedding to be perfect. Wedding is supposed to be beautiful. I’ve seen wedding that is not that grand but a happy one. The bride smiles all day long. Hence, I made conclusion that wedding will be beautiful, only if we have that beautiful smile. We don’t get upset for not able to buy designer’s dress (after all, the dress will be worn temporarily). We don’t get upset with wedding debts. That’s the most important. A stress-free wedding.

During engagement time, there are many preparations to be made. As the engagement ring gets to be fitted into the ring finger, the stress of getting things ready for the wedding has started. You and your partner will have arguments. He wants things to be done in his ways and you have a perfect wedding image in your brain since you were 5 years old. You want to have that beautifully-crafted-by-fairy-tale wedding. You will widen your eyes as you see the figures of wedding packages. The you do quick calculation of your monthly salary, budgeting your income and expenses. You’re stressed with your wedding, work and peer pressure. Be strong, hold on to each other and tell each other that “It’s OK if we don’t get what we want. What matters is, we have each other”. That way, you both will keep each other sane and maintain calm composure throughout the engagement.

In the end, it will be just you and your partner. Loving each other and going through the walks of life together. Also, get your friends to support you from the back. Friends are like backbones. If the future bride and groom’s sanity system failed to function, friends will come and rescue, snap you and make you move on and gain your sanity back. A friend in need, is a friend indeed. (Di kesempatan ini saya ingin mengucapkan “terima kasih dan sayang korang” kepada kawan² yang telah menyokong saya selama ini. You guys will rock my wedding!!).

6 thoughts on “Why do we get married?

  1. Congrats Miss Ainee…..
    Well…..I am still still still asking my mum wether I can go to your wedding or not…But I really want to go.

  2. Tekong: wah2. sempat promote lagi.
    rosyada: twas beautiful!
    koko: thankyou!
    aeesyah: awww~~ i love you too :*

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