What I learned from cricket coaching course?

I am talking about cricket the game, not the insect. So, I had 4 days of cricket course from MCA, in my beloved IPBA college. Would like to share you a bit of joke. The coaches are Indians, so they told us about the joke when people ask them where they are from, and then they answered “I am from MCA” and the person who asked looked at him from top to toe. Since MCA is famous acronym for Malaysian Chinese Association, and they are Indians. Lulz. So yeah. MCA in this context is Malaysian Cricket Association.

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Swimming sessions

Bismillah. I had fun swimming in MARJON’s pool last week and now they are giving up female-only swimming session because they want to give away to the school children since it’s school term holiday. I finally found the sport that I really enjoy and managed to make my body toned and fit, and now, I’m going to miss it for a month. Great. I really miss my swimming sessions!!! I wonder whether my swimming suit will fit me nicely after a month. =P

So, I really need a balanced diet. Gosh! Is there anything more fun than diet and jogging?

Le meilleur ami : Henry et David.

Ils sont le meilleur ami pendant la vie. Ils ont joué ensemble dans l’équipe de la France. Ils sont adorables et charmants. Je leur souhaite tout le meilleur dans leur carrière. Je souhaite qu’Henry parvienne à donner un coup de pied hors du racisme du football. j’adore les deux. j’espère qu’Henry joindra la chance bientôt bonne de liverpool.bonne chance.