What I learned from cricket coaching course?

I am talking about cricket the game, not the insect. So, I had 4 days of cricket course from MCA, in my beloved IPBA college. Would like to share you a bit of joke. The coaches are Indians, so they told us about the joke when people ask them where they are from, and then they answered “I am from MCA” and the person who asked looked at him from top to toe. Since MCA is famous acronym for Malaysian Chinese Association, and they are Indians. Lulz. So yeah. MCA in this context is Malaysian Cricket Association.

My cricket coaches are really cool people. I believe Mr. Param (boss besar) practices yoga as he is full of inner strength, very patient, and always cool ( he is a pilot, from famous Malaysian flight company, sacrificed his flight schedule just to teach us cricket, terharu tak? ). You know why? Even though we did not listen to him much but he keeps going on. And his principle is “You keep on telling your students, although they don’t listen, but one day they will listen to one of the things that you say”. Gosh. So cool. Do i have such patience to be a teacher? *mental note: start to find yoga instructor*


Cricket is a game that needs me to memorize so many technical stuffs. It got loads of name for every thing. The field lines, equipment, the action of batsmen and bowler, score board. Seriously. I think 4 days is not enough to master everything about cricket. Oh BTW, the equipment for cricket cost 1k++. Mr. Param said, it takes 10 years to create a cricket star. Great. No wonder Malaysia always kalah one when it comes to sport. Not many see sport as culture and good prospect of career. We see sport as one of the ways to make our buncit stomach slims down. Angkat tangan siapa setuju?


Great thing is, I just knew that most of cricket players in this world are drop dead gorgeous (thanks for all the awesome info, Nisha). Particularly from England & Australia. No wonder they are not bored of watching the game for like, 5 days straight? If football is for 90 minutes+, cricket is for days man! It’s for people who have stamina and passion for cricket. I am keen to know about it since I watched Lagaan (And it is starring Aamir Khan? Need to say more? *drool*). Very² patriotic and sporty. I think if you want to teach your students about cricket, you should watch Lagaan, since it stirs my interest for Cricket. And don’t forget to show them the England and Australia’s cricket team pictures!!

Oh, did I tell you that I was in the ‘Loser Spool’ before the named was changed to ‘Not-so-lucky Spool’ after few people dissatisfied with its’ term. Plus, I’m bad with batting and bowling. Lulz. I’m a bad cricketer. But Mr. Param said:

“you need 5 kinds of people to create a sports culture in the country.

1, people who plays professionally and for the money.

2, people to play it for fun.

3, people who play it for social.

4, people who can criticise the game (which means you need to know the game lah!).

5, people who be the spectator and fan of the game”

So yeah, let’s make cricket, the next big thing in Malaysia!

Well, another best past is, I got tan skin bebeh. Summer is in the air~~ woohoo~~ Oke, shaver, face mist, skirt and flowered hat. Tan skin is perfect for summer holiday. Oh, oh, another, another thing. I was miraculously not sneezing on the field but minor occurrence of watery eyes . I assume the field is very dry, unlike MARJON’s field when it is fertile with pollen and all. 😀


(Oh how I miss 3 months of summer holiday in the UK, compared to 3 weeks in Malaysia)

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