Quick update on CNY holiday

Alhamdulillah I arrived safely in Perak. It took us 12 hours bus journey. From 10 am to 10pm. Traffic jam starts from USJ till toll exit in Sungkai. If we were to take a flight to London, we would landed in London within that time. Fuhh. What a backache we had. Luckily we don’t drive back. Moreover, with the expensive toll ticket, I don’t think we’re going to stress ourselves along the journey.

Being a wife, this is the second time we went back to Perak together. It was my mum who keeps on asking me about buying the ticket because we had horrifying experience when it comes to bus’ tickets during major ethnic holiday. Hence, we both burnt RM272 for the transportation. To and fro. Continue reading


Al-fatihah untuk Mohd Afiq bin Badrin.

Pemergiannya pada 15 April 2009 telah ditangisi ramai. Semoga kebaikan  Allahyarham dapat diteladani oleh kita yang masih hidup ini. Dan aku sendiri dapat menyaksikan bahawa Allah lebih menyayangi hamba-hambanya yang baik. Dan aku amat merindui kebaikan itu.

Kepada rakan-rakannya yang berada di SMKA Sultan Azlan Shah, seandainya allahyarham pernah ada buat salah dan silap, saya memohon agar maafkanlah beliau. Andai ada terhutang, tuntutlah daripada kami ahli keluarga. Akhir sekali, sedekahkanlah al-Fatihah buat roh beliau. Juga, terima kasih diucapkan kerana menyempurnakan solat jenazah ghaib dari sekolah. Hanya Allah saja yang dapat membalas jasa kalian.

Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat ke atasnya. Amin.

When things get tough, be a tough cookie

Last night we just find out that my cousin, who was just barely 14, diagnosed with leukemia. It was shocking and unexpected. He had to go to Hospital Ipoh, with ambulance, this morning.

He just had episodes of fever and flu.His father never thought of doing blood test for him. We’ve never expect any of these. None of our family members had this kind of disease. Lesson is, do your blood test.

Oh, if you’re planning a family, once you’re pregnant, don’t forget to register with stem life. It may help you facing this kind of condition. As a human, we should  make a lot of effort and leave the rest to god. In life, there’s always ups and down.

Thus, whenever I’m on elevated level for long, I have to feel alert, beware, that God will test me really really hard. That’s how life goes.

To Mohd Afiq, I wish you well and may Allah give you strength to walk through the treatment and theraphy. May Allah give us patience.