When things get tough, be a tough cookie

Last night we just find out that my cousin, who was just barely 14, diagnosed with leukemia. It was shocking and unexpected. He had to go to Hospital Ipoh, with ambulance, this morning.

He just had episodes of fever and flu.His father never thought of doing blood test for him. We’ve never expect any of these. None of our family members had this kind of disease. Lesson is, do your blood test.

Oh, if you’re planning a family, once you’re pregnant, don’t forget to register with stem life. It may help you facing this kind of condition. As a human, we should  make a lot of effort and leave the rest to god. In life, there’s always ups and down.

Thus, whenever I’m on elevated level for long, I have to feel alert, beware, that God will test me really really hard. That’s how life goes.

To Mohd Afiq, I wish you well and may Allah give you strength to walk through the treatment and theraphy. May Allah give us patience.

9 thoughts on “When things get tough, be a tough cookie

  1. aeesyah: on monday, kena ambil air tulang belakang. huu~ i wish i’m in perak. taking care of my family members.

    koko: thanks. i believe he will. insya allah.

  2. k.eni, mmg x dpt detect symptom2 leukemia eh? takutnye kan..how old is he? hope he’ll be strong n recovered soon..insyallah..

  3. 13may: i hope that as well

    tekong: thanks

    hunny: well, he demam2 for weeks, then buat blood test br dpt tau. huu. thanks babe.

    aeesyah: no time lah. sorry bangat.

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