Quick update on CNY holiday

Alhamdulillah I arrived safely in Perak. It took us 12 hours bus journey. From 10 am to 10pm. Traffic jam starts from USJ till toll exit in Sungkai. If we were to take a flight to London, we would landed in London within that time. Fuhh. What a backache we had. Luckily we don’t drive back. Moreover, with the expensive toll ticket, I don’t think we’re going to stress ourselves along the journey.

Being a wife, this is the second time we went back to Perak together. It was my mum who keeps on asking me about buying the ticket because we had horrifying experience when it comes to bus’ tickets during major ethnic holiday. Hence, we both burnt RM272 for the transportation. To and fro. On Sunday, I called my granny (my father’s side) and she is severely ill. It was my mom’s request because she hadn’t seen granny since my wedding. My granny is the best mom in law my mom ever had. I almost shed my tears when I called her and she was talking with painful breathing. She’s the best granny I ever had. Of all her grandchildren, she’d prioritize me. When she came back from Mecca (or anywhere), she gave me stuffs that my cousins hadn’t had. Imagine the jealousy I created among my cousins. Well, I didn’t blame her. Because love is mutual and I love her so. Compared to others, I always kiss her and hug her. I love her so much and hold her hands and body while walking (she’s walking with sticks). Learning recipes from her. Imagine how close I was with her. I almost shed tears when she told me that she couldn’t see anything anymore. Her vision is greyish. When her niece came over to visit her, she couldn’t even tell whether it’s real or a dream. I have a feeling that she’s going to Allah soon. And heck, I’m crying as I type these words.

*inhale deep*

On Monday, we went back to Teluk Intan and reunite with my mom’s siblings. We had fun seeing each other. Updating each other’s stories while gulping and munching. Me and hubby sneaked out to the little forest behind the house. As if we’re little kids. Found little pigs’ feet track. Telling each other’s plan for the future. We played some fireballs to scare off the monkeys. We criticized and teased each other. Then we departed with a big hug and and endless wave. A visit to Kg. Sg. Tungku Teluk Intan is always refreshing and unique. It’s such a shame I forgot to bring my camera for this trip.

The next morning, I woke up early and performed duty as a wife to collect and do the packing. I did forget to pack some stuff like his home shirts and pants. He wore his jeans for 3 days. Haha. We definitely need a bigger trolley bag. My stuff and his stuff couldn’t fit in the 15 litre bag. That’s an individual bag! Lucky me to have him as a husband. Reminding me things and helping me with the packing (I have a short term memory when I’m in a rush you see).

From Lumut to JB, the bus left at 11am and we arrived in Skudai at 10pm. Phew. Luckily we brought books to accompany our boredom along the journey. The books are: The Grammar Bible and Muslim Marriage Guide. The bus driver did play Tamil movie without subtitle. I enjoyed it a bit via the actions and body language but understanding language makes me understand the movie better. Perhaps I should bring my own DVD collection and suggest the bus driver a movie everyone can enjoy next time?

Till then, have a safe journey and wonderful holiday.

5 thoughts on “Quick update on CNY holiday

  1. We played some fireballs to scare off the monkeys.

    You made it sound as if we shoot projectiles out of ourselves, as in those video games and anime.

    We ignited some firecrackers, dear.

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