Machine washable sunny

I am quite shocked when I was doing my online shopping at the famous high street boutique website. They have machine washable sunny nowadays. Impressive. Nevertheless, I bought it. Perhaps I should consider of washing it along with my laundry. Heheh. They are selling anything from last season and lucky me, I can use it in Malaysia as I can wear one all year round. 🙂

Or will I buy another?

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2 thoughts on “Machine washable sunny

  1. beli online jumpa machine washable sunny.
    kalau pegi beli kat kedai, bag tu terlupa cabut tag.
    mana lagi best?
    online ke pegi kedai?

  2. mana ada bag tu lupa cabut magnet tag. kakak kedai tu yg lupe. mana2 pun sama. depends your luck. hikhik. tak sume benda yg ada kt website available in the shop.

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