PMS 07, be there or be square.

Orang UK get ready!! This winter you will be warmed with the true bondness (ukhwah). The same event I attended last year is still fresh in my memory. It was the best gathering ever. Since I never have a sister, I don’t know how it feels like. But when I went to PMS in Coventry, there are so many nice sisters and care of us. Doctors are always available during the time. Offering us medicines, advice and comfort. I miss the time I had and I am here to invite my brothers and sisters to winter gathering at Loughborough, this winter.


2 thoughts on “PMS 07, be there or be square.

  1. thanks sbb bantu promotion!!! hurmm haritu dtg plymouth tak sempat jumpa pun.. asek dgr je nama orgnya tak nampak2 jugak.. hii.. jzzk sis!

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