Holiday ends so soon

Time flies. I haven’t done my weekly reflection. I’m so good at killing time. I spent my holiday mostly snuggling in bed. Was rainy in Manjung since Tuesday, and it has been an indescribable pleasure to sleep ever since. I got back my beauty sleep. Yeay! No more staying up late till 2-3 am in the morning, because of writing lesson plans and preparing teaching materials. I don’t depend on caffeine. I am rejuvenating. No more eye bags. No more wrinkle and stress. More beauty sleep. Hikhik.

So yeah, I’m missing my bed. Comfy flowery cool cotton bedspread. Huu. It’s ending soon. I have to pull my socks up and snap back to reality. Ouh. Reality is harsh.

Tomorrow is school. I wonder if the kids remember the homework that I gave to them.

PS: I am currently listening to Madonna’s “Holiday”. Huu T_T

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