Mamma Mia! The Movie

It’s coming worldwide. The famous musical is finally being filmed and Pierce Brosnan is in! How cool is that? I don’t care if he can’t sing but I know the fact that he can act. I miss his appearance on the screen and I’m glad he’ll be in Mamma Mia!. More good news (hold your chair ladies and gentlemen) Nuffnang is giving FREE TICKETS for lucky Nuffnangers!

I should sing: Pierce Brosnan, how can I resist you?

Since I used to be in Plymouth, I know the fact that musical or theater is being showed in Plymouth first rather than London (because Plymouth’s audience is hard to be pleased). And Mamma Mia has travelled wide and far ever since. So, Mamma Mia! musical have been going around and still received great applause. Not it has moved to a greater step, Hollywood.

Uhhh, I can’t wait to hear their British accent (well except, Meryl Streep).

If it gives the same impact like musical, people will be singing and humming, although the movie ended. If you’re lucky, some might be dancing merrily. So, who’s going to put on retro fashion back?

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