Peluang menulis dan masa

Peace to be upon you. Lately, I received invitations to write, either on blog or for paper publication. Three invitations in one week. That sounds awesome innit? But hey, do I manage to do all that in one go? One asked me to explain about my religion, another is on my college, and the last is of racism in the UK. Whew. Does 3K words assignment is not enough?

Quite weird because before this, my writing in IPBA is not that brilliant. Well, people don’t notice me. My writing is invisible. I am the one who needs language support tutorial class with Dr. Asiah. In IPBA, there are plenty who write better than I do. Plus, their English is better than English people’s English (repetition is unintended). Well you tell me, is my writing that brilliant? So I’ll have confidence to be the next Shirley Geok Lim (?).

Oh iya, kawan-kawan saya juga telah menge’tag’ saya. Setakat ini 3 orang. Tahniah! Hutang mereka pun masih belum dilunas. Oh, saya mahu MacBook!

My assignment progress: headache. I don’t think they want to do reformation on Malaysian Education System after reading my piece. I bet!

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2 thoughts on “Peluang menulis dan masa

  1. salam aini ,

    tulis jangan tak tulis! ada bakat tulisssssss

    but it comes with reading, critical mind and passion. of course passion towards this deen and al-haq.. that will force the hands to type the keyboard even if you stucked..

    i am also stucked with my 2000 words essay which I have been facing for more than 2 days now ( and the dateline is today! lol)

  2. salam kak aisyah,

    hamboih. sempat tuh baca blog saya. assignment saya pun kena hantar hari ni juga. LOL. (lagu “kita serupa” berkumandang di angkasa)

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