Most reasonable conversation, with master.

ainee: master..

me master: iye

ainee: i really hate it

me master: whats that?

ainee: like ppl said they care abt u

ainee: but they always forget u

ainee: that’s a lie isnt it?

me master: it’s merely a myth to comfort your feeling.

me master: i had too much of it.

We went miles for someone whom we think worth for. We even do things that is beyond our limitation. Even do something that we can’t imagine. But actually in the end, it’s frustating.

So I learned that, you can’t fake your feelings. Learn to forgive, but never to forget. Because we, human, learn from mistakes. The question is; have we ever learn from our mistakes?

2 thoughts on “Most reasonable conversation, with master.

  1. penah tGk citer ‘Qiamat udah dekat’?

    citer indon tu.

    ‘ilmu ikhlas’ would fit handsomely here.

  2. khilaf kan sifat manusia?

    its a process of learning too. The hardest thing is sometimes not to forgive others but to forgive ourself.

    take care

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