Telekung fashion

Ramadhan has come back. Ahlan wa sahlan (welcome). So does telekung. One can see women wearing it usually after dawn. They will wear it to go to mosque for isya’ and tarawih prayer.  I used to have cotton telekung but nowadays, textile technology has produced sunwashed fabric, which is much lighter, easy to clean and pretty opaque (when I used cotton telekung, I have to wear something inside or the telekung must be layered).

During the pilgrimage (hajj) season hajj pilgrimage , telekung is the garment that sets Asia Pacific women apart from the other women. It’s almost similar to Afghan’s burqa, but different in terms of its cut and design. Telekung comes in white, carries the angelic, purity and obedience image.


It can also be a gift from the groom to the bride (hantaran) which symbolically send the message, “be a good servant of Allah and a faithful wife”. It is usually chosen as a gift because it is easily decorated and at times, it can be creatively made into the shape of a flower, or a hand-held fan.

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