Kisah Sim Kad Altel: bagus ke tidak?

*AMARAN: Ditulis secara santai menggunakan bahasa slanga.

Bermulanya kisah dapat tahu pasal sim kad Altel ni adalah seorang kawan share blog entry pasal sim kad Altel. Benda ni jadi viral di Whatsapp dan Facebook. Caranya sangat convincing. Menceritakan pengalaman beliau dan promosi sim kad Altel atas dasar bangsa dan nama Tan Sri Bukhary. I decided to try it, atas dasar curiosity. Not because I’m a Malay. Nak tengok how far a Malay product can go.

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Blogging hiatus

I have been on a long hiatus and this is the reason why.

I was helping some teachers with the preparation of merdeka celebration and I was calling some people for help. My phone was by my side when I was doing my work. The only time I left my phone with those presents was when I push the boxes into a room, which distance is less than a metre.

When I want to tidy up, I leave nothing on the couch and need to prep for next class. Before I entered my class, I planned to take some pictures using my phone. I scrambled my inside bag, scoured the place that I had been and found none. Tried to ask my friend to call my number and it was shut. Then I realised it was nicked. The room which I entered was my GPK’s room. He had his laptop open, and possess same phone, but my, he was lucky. There were many people entered the office that day. Strange parents not to be mentioned. So, no suspect and I have to accept the fact. I entered my class with mixed feelings. I planned to teach them and it all went to the bin.

When the students misbehave, my throat feels dry and tears dwelling in my eyes. I warned them and looking at them with an austere expression. They did keep quiet. Afraid that I’d become a monster or  any other alien creature.

I really miss my Sony Ericsson K530i. It’s my blogging tool. I took pictures with it. Read RSS feeder. Check my blog’s comment from there (yes, I’m a narcissist). Video call. MMS everything. Seriously. I miss it so much. So click this to help me (emotionally, financially).

What I’m worried now is the person who were  nicked my phone will use my pictures irresponsibly. *takottttt* Oh oh, what if he uploads my pic on gadis melayu. Huwarghh *cry*