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So what should I do during this 3 weeks holiday? ( yet in between, I still have one exam refer paper to be taken due to severe illness on exam day). Today I jogged, be a part-time couch potato (but most TV show sucks), pending the house chores tasks that mak had given me,catching up with youtube, do homework for engagement and wedding and then being blur like sotong (My mom will ask me to memorise verses from Quran is she knows I’m this free *huwaa*).

I texted Encik S whom I assume fulfilling his holiday. He usually knows what to do, I mean, he always do something.

Me: Nak watpe ape ek dok rmh?

Encik S: Tawu tape. You at least akan balik ke IPBA. *

Me: … Don’t remind me.

Encik S: haha, ye. Have a fun holiday!*

Me: Hehe. You too.

*I forgot what he said. I deleted them but it is more and less so.


WordPress users can get free wordpress themes via (or you can find the link from this blog’s sidebar). It’s free and they have nice variety of WP theme designs. All you need is a kind-hearted handsome geek boyfriend, some knowledge of php and wordpress. Whalla! It’s done in less than an hour. Hee hee.

I hope I can keep up with blogs that I used to read, commented and followed religiously. I really hope that my tan skin is for temporary basis or I need to buy a new foundation (good ones are expensive you see).

So yeah, if I’m lucky and malas nak baca nota exam, I would probably do bloghopping, extra reading, communicating avidly via Y! Messenger and exercise for the sake of my health.

So, how’s my blog new look?

(feels like doing a hairdo or makeover)


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