Izzah featured twice on magazine cover

Izzah. The first princess of AB and the ones who are hoped to take care of her siblings. She is featured twice this month’s magazine cover. Nona (with her father) and Seri Dewi Keluarga. I am quite happily bought both magazine and read them. It’s worth every penny.

Nona: It’s RM8.90 but much cheaper than Reader’s Digest still (haha). The size, quality glossy paper, colourful photographs, useful recipes, ideas for bride fashion, ideas for interior design. It’s worth for my library. The edition is especially cover issues for men. 5 men were selected to be interview ( I still don’t get why they interviewed Engku Emran). Other 10 were selected as ’10 lelaki ternama yang anda mahu kenal’. They are not eligible bachelor but my favourites are: Dr. Raja Nazrin Shah and Tengku Ibrahim of Johor (wait, aren’t they princes?).

Seri dewi Keluarga: Priced at RM6, I am keen to look at her family’s picture (Izzah has a very cute healthy daughter! *geram!* *cubit-cubit*). It’s almost worth every pages. Plus, Yatt (model and actress) has modelled 2 fashion lines (bridal and muslimah). I really like her features. Tan and cute. She’s a darling. I almost does not recognize her when she wears tudung. There are a few nice clothes, but unfortunately the editor does not put price tag and where to find it. So Nona wins over SDK (although they are from the same company, Karangkraf).

Hmm. Instead of being interested with the cover page, these magazines has made me to do my homework of wedding, although I am not a going-to-be-bride yet but yeah, it’ll be useful once I am. Haha.

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