Idea to write flows like waterfall

My toilet gets makeover

My Malay Language proficiency gets better (I lost the literature skill nowadays, thus, more reading of Malay literature I need)

My room is pink

Finish off my degree immediately and settle down with the one

More people who have heart and mercy

My assignments will be finished before due date, without any stress and sleepless nights

My body’s immune gets better

Lose some weight

Malaysians will be more courteous

Malaysian public transport improves in sense of capacity for its users

World peace!!

*Life is a great trial. I wonder how long will I live, and how many obstacles do I need to go through. Will I get the chance to carry out the responsibilities (as human)? Will I be able to serve to the almighty God righteously?

Hope and wish. There are so many wishes and hopes in this world. I know it’s not just me. Everyone aims for improvement for their life quality. Hopes motivate and drive us for the next day. Love heals the pain. Time decides. We move on. We live. To the fullest.

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