Of Ainee

First Name – Nurul Aini

Nickname – Ainee, eye knee kawai.

Name you wish you had – Putri

What do people normally mistake your name – Nurul Ain (my matrix card and my medical card)

Birthday– 9 September

Birthplace – Hospital Besar Ipoh

Time of Birth – 0115

Single or taken – single, yet taken.

Zodiac sign – Virgo


How tall are you – around 164-165 cm

Wish you were taller – *scratch head*

Eye color – brown

Eye color you want – my own?

Natural Hair color – brown

Current Hair color – same above

Short or long hair – I don’t know la. In between kot?

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color – not yet

Curly,Straight,Wavy – wavy!!

Last time you did something dramatic with your hair – When I was 5, I was so close to my mom’s mixer while she was doing kuih raya, and my hair got stuck in it and my mom needs to cut it (of course I yell like crazy. Haha)

Glasses or contacts – both

Do you wear make-up – yes

Ever had hair extensions – urgh!

Paint your nails – baby pink colour. I like to see my nails looks shiny.


What color eyes – brown

What color hair – black

Shy or Outgoing – outgoing

Looks or personality – personality

Sexy or Cute – sexy

Serious or Fun – both?

Older or Younger than you – older lah.

A turn on – smart ass.

A turn off – gay.


Flowers or Chocolate – chocolate

Pepsi or Coke – pepsi

Rap or Rock – rock!

Relationship or One night stand – relationship lah!!

School or Work – school!

Love or Money – both.

Movies or Music – movie.

Country or City – City

Sunny or Rainy days – Sunny!

Friends or Family – family first bak kata kerajaan.


Lied – yesh.

Stole something – his heart?

Smoked – yesh.

Hurt someone close to you – always.

Broke someone’s heart – uhuh.

Had your heart broken – Yes. *sob*

Wondered what was wrong with you – after I had caffeine.

Wish you were a prince/princess – Been treated like one. So yeah. Sure I do wish to be one.

Liked someone who was taken – Thierry Henry. Eh chop. He’s divorced right?

Shaved your head – God forbid.

Been in love – *grin*

Used chopsticks – A lot when I was in Plymouth.

Sang in the mirror to yourself – While brushing teeth.

Ever cried over someone – Mesti la.

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself – My feet.

Do you think you’re attractive – No lah. Kalau tak dah lama jadi model.

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose – Princess and the pea. True princess indeed.

Do you play any sports – Does video game count?


Flower – Forget-me-not

Candy – Nicolets.

Song – The Chemistry by Butterfingers

Scent – Secret

Color – Pink

Movie – Spongebob Squarepants the Movie

Singer – Kurt Cobain *drool*

Words – Huhuh, Huu & you love me!

Junk food – Walkers, thai sweet and spicy flavour.

Website – Google (I would like to extend my gratitude to the cute Sergey Brin and Larry Page)

Lotion – Body Shop white musk

Anime – Full Metal Alchemist

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  1. Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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