Collective dynamic of the small world network

Although the theory sounds very complex but actually the idea is very simple, collective dynamic of the small world network theory or six-degree-separation, is where you bounce to the people that you know, either when you’re travelling or as soon as you step out of your house.It’s not just a chance but scientifically proven. Further reading: Watts, D. J. (1999). Small Worlds: The Dynamics of Networks Between Order and Randomness.


Last Thursday I went to PPUM to get my backbone x-rayed and I met with the person that I met once. I forgot her name but I sure do remember her face.

Me: Puan pernah pergi IPBA ke?

Puan: Last year ada juga sekali sekala. Tapi tahun ni tak pernah. Tapi memang saya kerja dengan kementerian.

Me: Oh ye ke. Muka puan sangat familiar. Ingatkan jumpa di IPBA, tapi tahun lepas saya takde kat IPBA. Saya ada kat UK.
Puan: Oh, you kat mana? Portsmouth?

Me: Oh now I remembered! You went to MARJON right?

Puan: It’s a small world after all. 🙂

then we continue our conversation in English. haha. Poyo lak rasa. lol.

You see. Out of nowhere, a single meeting, and I met her again in Malaysia. She does not do her check up regularly. Three months once. And she’s residing in Putrajaya. What a serendipity. Seriously I’m glad to meet her as she is a very nice lady. gave me loads of advice. She’s retired yet still wanted by MOE (on contract basis).

Then I met IPBA’s Germany lecturer who wanted to x-ray her backbone as well. Then I met Mr. Ng while waiting at the pharmacy (the queue was extended till the tunnel) and he offered me a ride to IPBA, but I chose to wait for my medicines (which in the end I found out that they only gave me paracetamol and minyak angin. I’ve wasted my precious one hour).

So, that’s how they can find Obama is related to Pitt while Hillary is related to Jolie. Hence, everytime you go somewhere, be mentally prepared that you’re going to meet with someone you know, or someone you really don’t want to meet (like your boyfriends’ ex for example).

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2 thoughts on “Collective dynamic of the small world network

  1. huhu~~
    what an interesting read!
    who would ever think that real life hospitals are as exciting as Greg’s Anatomy!

  2. yeah. it’s kind of like seattle grace somehow. however, the theory is basically telling us about ‘meeting’ people in other place, not ‘mating’ (like the doctors in seattle grace).

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