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I found a good article that describes people’s psychology needs according to their Facebook profile pictures. People post pictures because they want to tell others, who they are, or what they want, or what they need. So, which one is your description?

What does your Facebook profile say about you?

By Hannah Wood, Mirror.co.uk 6/10/2008

How often do you change your Facebook profile picture? And just how much do you agonise over it?

Have you ever used a holiday bikini shot or a cheek-to-cheek one with your new squeeze (just to let the exes know how happy you are)?

Do your friends shout out: ‘That’s your new profile picture!’ When they catch you at your glamorous best on a night out? And do you actually look anything like that well-edited shot posted up on your Facebook page?

According to a survey done by cosmopolitan.co.uk we care more about our appearance on social networks than in real life.

Cosmo put a sample of profile pics to social psychologist Dr Asi Sharabi and asked him to interpret what they tell you about the person behind it.

Match yourself against his verdicts:

POUTING: Presenting such a provocative, sensual symbol indicates someone who wishes to be acknowledged in a sexual way – seeking intimacy or a partner. It could also indicate being a very tactile person

WITH AN ANIMAL: A person who displays themselves as capable of caring and nurturing, indicating need of an outlet for these tendencies and a broody nature.


DANCING: To display yourself on display, so to speak, is the ultimate invitation to be watched. Those who show themselves dancing are likely to be strongly extrovert. Additionally, in Western Culture, dancing has strong connotations toward leisure and freedom, denoting a hedonistic, pleasure-seeking streak.

WITH A BOYFRIEND: A popular picture type with serial monogamists, and signifies searching for a deeper or more committed relationship.

WITH A GUY (NOT BOYFRIEND): As well as a simple flirtatious contact, a picture with a potentially ambiguous meaning shows a love of creating stories, and playing games with the social fabric. In short, one who thrives on gossip.

DOING AN ACTIVITY: This is someone who identifies with their abilities and experiences rather than emotions or relationships. It may also indicate an unwillingness to commit or settle down.


ON HOLIDAY: Those who identify themselves with a carefree holiday may have a tendency to over-stress in their everyday lives. This could also indicate escapist fantasies or a dreamer disposition.

LOOKING AWAY FROM CAMERA: An unwillingness to be caught and posed in the conventional way is indicative of someone headstrong and confident in their approach to life.

NIGHT OUT/FANCY (RAYA) DRESS: This image represents the social, extroverted aspects of a personality; denoting that they value confidence and attention highly.

Dr Sharabi said: “Our social network profiles have become so ubiquitous with our lives that our online and offline appearances are now fully intertwined. On social networks, just like in the physical world, we are constantly working on our self-image, putting forward facets of ourselves that we want seen, and, as in life, we unwittingly uncover aspects of ourselves that we might have preferred to have kept hidden.

Yang takde gamba: Takde kamera, pemalu, stalker (ex girlfriend) atau tak yakin diri.

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