Breeding rogues and bandits

Recently, there are a lot of serious crime cases in Malaysia. Murder, child raping, bribery, robbery, fraud and so forth. The news headlines are full with stories of crime. Looks like Malaysia have no good news but crime. Is Malaysia breeding rapist, rogues and bandits? I am not going to analyse the crimes here, but I am here to list the related news headlines:

  1. Murder of Mongolian model, Altantuya Sharibuu.
  2. Nurin’s murder.
  3. Murder of two men in palm estates.
  4. A group peddling drug.
  5. Five men in court for abducting, molesting 19-year-old girl.
  6. 7yrs jail, 10 strokes of rotan for drug possession.
  7. IGP: We are closer in on the killer.
  8. Clerk claims boy molested daughter at daycare centre.
  9. Block illegal song download sites, says RIM.
  10. Cop under probe for having RM9mil.
  11. Housewife loses RM360,000 in lucky draw scam.

Scary huh? I am scared to go back as well. My country is not safe anymore. Does anyone care?? We are getting worse ladies and gentlemen…

3 thoughts on “Breeding rogues and bandits

  1. Azhar: Memanglah kalau nk compare dengan US in terms of quantity kita kalah. US besar mana. Rakyatnya berapa ramai. Tp for a country yg ada cuma ada 22 million citizens, having murder and rape cases everyday is very worrying. I bet you have friends who study social and anthropology. they know how to calculate how many criminals per citizen, to label whether a country ‘s crime rate is high or not. For me, I think the cases are alarming. More will come if we don’t do anything.

    Ieda: In Woolwell? seriously?? plymouth mmg pegang rekod second highest crime area after london. itu pun jarang dengar kes rogol and curi sangat. malaysia lagi kerap kot. but if they come near me, i’ll scare them with my weapon. hahah. if they scare lah~ :-s

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