I am called to write about this

Raining heavily-wet & chilly cold. In the darkness of night. Tired and sleepy. Just came back from Collective Voices meeting and Wan’s house (listened to fi zilal just for a moment), yet I am called to write about this music band. I am so amazed. They’re called ‘DEBU’ (means dust in English), comes from Indonesia. Most of the band members are from USA, but they established very well in Indonesia. There are 14 members basically. Mustafa (the one who is so into DEBU) can speak many languages (Indonesian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish and English), and so some others. Amazing huh? Their songs are inspired by sufi’s poetry. About love and god. So, can’t think what to write anymore, but hope you will be interested with them as instant as I did (hee hee :P). Take a peek! PS: The guitar is superbly amazing!

More of DEBU’s video
DEBU’s band profile

10 thoughts on “I am called to write about this

  1. nisa: ahahah, indeed! and this kind of musician, just wow.

    u can hear it later kan?? best la. puisi sufi+various music instruments+colourful band members. heheh. enuff said.

  2. W’salaam. Thank you ibrahim. Many appreciates his personal webpage. I really adore Mustafa as he is a talented workaholic. I first heard about Debu y discovery from youtube. Although I was tired and sleepy, yet I sacrifise my time to share this with dear bloggers. Thank you so much for the info Ibrahim. Really2 appreciate it.

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