Torquay Islamic Experience Exhibition

Alhamdulillah. Came back from beautiful Torquay, knew Harfiyah (the exhibition co-ordinator) and had some training and tour of Torquay museum. The exhibition will start fro, 22 Jan- 19 Feb 2007.

Being a stewardess for school children, of islamic experience exhibition (IEE) is quite a challaneging task. We need to explain our religion yet to know how to handle school children. I want to help the organiser to help to help people of understanding the real teaching of islam. Many people misunderstand Islam nowadays and relate Islam with terrorism. With media manipulation, as those who don’t understand Islam dominate. What we want to tell is “Islam” itself means peace,a nd those who commit terrorism attack are not practising the real Islam. When Rasulullah (peace be upon him) spread da’wah (spreading Allah’s words), he did not use sword, unless if Allah asks them to. Even, to declare war is quite difficult, as there are months where Allah prohibits Muslims from fighting in war (one of it is Ramadhan), Muslims can only fight when the country that does not receive Allah’s word and refuse to hear, yet refuse to pay jizyah (A head-tax imposed by Islam on the non-Muslims when they are under Muslim control), then war can be declared. Quite few steps must be done and to declare war, it is not that easy. Definitely, Islam is not spread by sword, but its beauty.

Will go to Parkside Community College tomorrow insya Allah, to be a volunteer for Big Art Festival, to help Plymouth children on their art project. Have quite a packed holiday actually. Hope I will have more time to blog soon, insya Allah. For those in Torquay, don’t forget to come to IEE in Torquay museum (not far from the beach). Take care all!

3 thoughts on “Torquay Islamic Experience Exhibition

  1. Salam Ainee,

    Islam is religion, Islam is lifestyle. Islam is knowledge.

    Good luck in sharing this knowledge to those who seek it.

    Semoga di rahmati insyaAllah.

  2. terima kasih…mudahan mereka kenal erti ajaran islam sebenar… bukan nilai islam dari akhlak (attitude) penganutnya…

  3. Why mention war on this blog. Surely war should be last thing under discussion in any situation.

    I am not really sure why the word of Allah needs spreading so vehemently.

    Having lived in the land of Mecca I do worry that the amount of religous intolerance demanded there is trying to be enforced here, when we are all happy being free!

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