A funny Yankee

This guy is funny. Brother Yusuf Estes was a Christian Preacher, but Alhamdulillah he found the light of Islam and became a Muslim.
He gives a very interesting little talk here about his life.
Infact, he looked at Arabs and Muslims in a negative light and only knew what the media presented to him.
It was through his interaction with Muslim people and from studying Islam that he came to understand Islam and know that it was definitely the Truth.
He became enlightened with regards to the true belief in God and in Jesus.
Facts that I never knew is; there is no single word of ‘trinity’ in the bible, and the word bible never mentioned in the bible, but Quran has them all. I never knew that. That’s such a discovery. I really never knew that until I listen to this vid. Gosh, bear with his nonchalant Texas accent. Need to try to strain your ears if you’re not used to it.

I feel quite embarrased *blush* as he is more enthusiastic in talking about Islam compared to me. I like his amusing speech when he talks about his life before his Islam.

More deatils about him: Read here.

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