Sluggish Saturday

Omg omg. Im feeling draggy and sluggish to go to school today. Woke up at 530, prepared nasi lemak. Watched ustaz Don a bit. Then do the laundry. Am feeling productive to do the housework. But not going to school. Though I have 4 STACKS of books to be marked, paper works, and a table to be organized. Haih. After bath, I had problem to mix and match my Saturday outfit. Skirts is print. So does blouse. Three quarter sleeve. Have to wear a cardigan. Found purple plain one. From poplook. Then I just cannot find a plain black instant hijab. So I am wearing the polka dot one. What a mess. Sometimes, I wish I can stay at home just like other government servants. But yeah, every weekday I go back earlier than other government servant. Sluggish Saturday. And it’s cloudy and drizzling. *sigh*

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