Best murtabak in JB

Last week, I came to pasar ramadhan perling about 2pm and not many stalls opened. Only this, pizza parlour and a few ayam percik.

I asked the pakcik, “nak murtabak 2 boleh? Ayam dan daging” and he replied “cikgu ada order tak?” of course la tak kan. Mana la tau kena order murtabak macam pizza pakcik oi. “tak la pakcik. Tak boleh dapat sekarang ke?” and he gave the most frustrating answer. Seriously. Perut rasa kecik je time tu. As if my foetus shrunk.
“kalau hari ni punya dah habis. Nanti nak order ye. Dik, ambilkan kad untuk cikgu ni”

Homg. At that moment, I feel like crying. After berbuka pun teringat lagi. Sampai laa semalam, I managed to get it. Once I indulged into the murtabak, my soul feels enlightened and I flew, figuratively. It’s soooo thick, layered, and the curry is in between the layers. He only gave onion gravy.

Look at his orders. He starts kneading the dough early. The whole tent is his. Usually param sellers have one spot and share. A long banquet table is prepared for the orders.

Feel free to give him a prank call. Murtabak 5A, Pak Lah 0127974476.

4 thoughts on “Best murtabak in JB

  1. Dah xde lagi ……semenjak pak lah meninggal.tak de yg boleh lawan murtabaknya…..

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