It’s not halal actually T_T

Last 2 weeks we went to Sushi King–to get Takoyaki. We were sitting at the sushi-conveyor-belt bar. They are having unagi promotion for the entire month of August. While waiting for the takoyaki, we grabbed some plates. One of it was Unagi Pirosiki. Super yummy. I asked my husband to taste it. He said he doesn’t like it at all. I feel frustrated. It was my first time liking an unagi sushi. Like,something excite my taste bud. A firework in my mouth and tummy.

Today, while doing baju raya hunting, I entered Sushi King again. Want to do take-away lah kononnya. The manager welcomed me and asked me politely “Yes ma’am, may I help you?”

“Er, can I do take-away?”
“Of course. What do you want?”
“I want to order one of your unagi which is on promotion”
“Er, actually it’s not halal”
My eyes enlarged twice than normal.
“We already put a notice when we realized they put in some alcohol during the process. It’s less than 0.05%”
I looked at the notice. It’s not Unagi Pirosiki. Maybe what she meant was the slices. Haish. Should be more alert next time.
Then I tapau okonomiyaki instead. T_T <--coverlah tu

5 thoughts on “It’s not halal actually T_T

  1. ainiii dier mmg letak notice eh meaning other stuff there are halal? i mean sushi king

  2. sushi king has never been certified halal because they sell beer at some of their premises….and pasal unagi tu dh more than a month mmg ada notice about the alcohol tu….i’m frustrated now because dh la i’m crazy about unagi…now cannot eat la pulak…but one sushi king manager said that after november they will change supplier to one without alcohol in unagi…don’t know la whether that is true or even possible…hahaha…

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