Strut your stuff in Abu Dhabi with pairs of Louboutin

WARNING: Spoiler alert

The ladies have worn Chanel, Dior and LV to the sahara of Abu Dhabi. More sophisticated. More flowy fashion. More kaftans. Ok. I do expect those. But,  I expect something more adventurous and emotional throughout the desert. Actually, SATC (sex and the city 2) flaunts more boobs, booze and dirty jokes. That’s why kids under 18 should stop reading this post immediately.

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Samantha was having her menopause and hot flush. As usual, she was the one with the kinkiest joke and dirtiest flirt. That’s because she’s maintaining her estrogen and firm skin using pills and more pills. This time around, she’s funnier as 44 hormone pills was not allowed in Abu Dhabi. It’s drug in UAE. She had to replace her hormones by eating hummus, yams and any food that contains estrogen. Her recent man (Rikard Spirit), oh wow, full with testosterone. Seriously, who wouldn’t get excited seeing a man with deep husky manly voice, and a shabby shaved face? Ypu guys should watch the hottest scene here. Seriously, I’m going to be his fan on facebook. Overall, Samantha was the one who had made the whole cinema roared with laughter. Best quote from Samantha Jones: Lawrence of my labia!

Miranda, oh how I love her this time around. She’s the reason why we need to choose the profession that we love. I am more to Miranda. I’m not going to be a full-time housewife, listening to the kids’ cry and sit in the kitchen the whole day. So not me. This time around, it was Miranda who has made good decision, direction and taste for culture.

For Charlotte, I feel for her. She wants to have a perfect family. But not all that we want, is what we need. For her case, she’s the proof that we need some break, a few hours, or a few days, from motherhood. 7 days a week, you give your everything to your husband and children. And what do they give back to you? Tiresome and more house chores. Sometimes, mothers deserve breaks from her family. This is something that husbands should learn. Take away your wife for a short honeymoon, treat her like a queen and reward her for the sacrifise which she has made for everyone. The sacrifise of labour pain, 3am breast feeding, constant cry of the baby (especially when they are sick), settling mountains of laundry, cleaning every inch of the house and cook something good for everyone (and sometimes, the eaters, all they know is to eat, complaint and not appreciating the effort of cooking). Whew. After writing this, I just realized how awesome a full-time housewife do all the tough tasks.*hands up* Men, can you do the same?

For Carrie’s review. Hmm. What about her? Hmm. *scratch head* I think I shouldn’t dissappoint anyone.


Enjoy the long movie and tell me if you have the same feeling like I do (it’s long but doesn’t leave much impression). Seriously, I was waiting like “Ok, ok,  I am waiting for the climax of this movie. Is this the one? Where’s the really big problem plot?” But hey, I still love the girls, their friendship and fashion. It’s just that, I expect a better plot. You know, like Carrie had to cut her wardrobe because Big’s stock has fallen, or Charlotte had to move out because of something. Or Lily will be claimed by her real parents. You know, dealing with the real, severe, recession issue. And I want to know how would ladies who always wear avant garde fashion would solve this kinds of problem. If that  is the plot, the whole cinema would feel like wearing these ladies’ Louboutin.

PS: Another scene that reminds me of Nisa’s Girls from Riyadh was how the Arab girls flaunt their haute couture, although they are wearing burqa outside.

PPS: I wish my gfs were around.

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  1. u made it sound like i wrote Girls of Riyadh! hahaha.

    i hope u are around too babe! xoxo

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