Severe traffic congestion in Johor Bahru

This is a serious post. As you know, I am currently driving from Skudai to my school 6.20 in the morning. That is because I want to avoid the traffic congestion. Jalan Skudai is the most straight and will take me in 15 minutes but heck, everyone can afford car and swarm the road at the same time. And it takes me sometimes more than half an hour to reach school. What a waste of time and fuel! These are the negative effects which many people have to endure 6 days every week.

  1. Motorists who drive on your right side. Like, hello. Is this Malaysia? Since when motorist’s lane is near the fast lane? Isn’t that dangerous? I am scared to move around because the motorists have 9 lives. They dare to cilok (swivel) here and there. Sometimes they even dare to use their fist to punch other’s car or MPV.
  2. Poorly-lit road: The authority know that people are moving at fast speed during twilight hour. Twilight hour is the time when your eyes are getting used to the change from night time to day and vice versa. It is a dangerous time to drive as you have more blind spots during these times.
  3. Emergency Accident Plan: If you are the frequent user of Skudai road, you should know that even small accidents can cause major traffic congestion. There was one time I went out at 6.20am and I was perasan I am going to arrive early at school. I was wronged. I actually arrived at school at 7.45am, when the assembly was almost over. And some other teachers who also use that road, arrive at 8am something. Clearly, the traffic congestion problem in JB reduces productivity and waste our precious time. When my car stucked near Angsana area at 6.40am, I thought it was normal traffic congestion. Apparently I was wrong. At 7.10am, a police car passed by and 20 minutes after that, the car-crowd was able to make move. Where is the efficiency of local authority? They are the ones with the sirens, hence, they have the power to dispel the traffic congestion. Why couldn’t they come earlier?
  4. The need of motorist lane and emergency lane: I discussed with my husband the urge of having motorist lane in JB. He said “The cost is too much and there is no area to develop with”. Then I asked, “Since when human’s life cost too low?” Pfffft! Losing the motorists means we’re losing money because they are the ones who bring Singapore money into Malaysia. Talk about cost, huh?
  5. Poor road condition: We pay tax so that we can have good public facilities. However, the road has deep manhole and some bumpy cemented area. Basically, the job of maintaining the road condition is not there. People wanted to avoid manhole and steered to left and right. Or sometimes one drives too fast and couldn’t see the bump of a manhole and whoops!

Please, please don’t embarrass Malaysia.

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