Viva versatility!

Today I did a routine work. Had to paste the sticker to RIMUP program book. The book has some errors. So, we had to ‘conceal’ it as if there wasn’t any mistake. Honestly, I hate a routine job. It’s darn boring. Even when I wakes up in the morning, I don’t do same routine. I’d try to do it in different ways. I don’t get up, take the towel and head straight to the toilet. I might brush my teeth first. Or boil the water. Or looking at the mirror. You know. I don’t have to do stuff in order.  I’m a person who loves variety. I’d like to experience how things done in different ways. Even at night I toss and turn. I don’t sleep with only one position!

I’m glad I’m a teacher in Malaysia who needs to do different job. I’m grateful to God that I am a person who only stick to one thing. I’m glad that God gives me bravery to discover new things every single day.

I’m glad that I don’t  have to work in a factory or anything similar!

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