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First Time to Cook My Own Rice

When I was 13 years old. It was my opah who taught me, not my mum because she is a career woman, superbly busy with her work and need to rush to house, preparing lunch for us during her lunch break. Since my mom is not that patience in teaching her brat daughter, luckily opah came to my house one day, and taught me how to cook rice. Since then, the rice that I cook tastes better than my mom’s. Now, I said this based on people’s testimonial and how laku my nasi compared to my mom’s. Seriously.

First Time to Learn Al-Quran

When I was 9 years old. I kept the Quran until now. It got my hideous notes and random marks. And yes, I need to work on my reading skill although I am 23 years old lady.

First Time to Have a Laptop

When my mum bought me one for my 18th birthday. She realized that I need to do my assignments and she gets me one. Yay! Then I brought it to Plymouth, accompanying me in my small cosy room. One day, I tripped over its wire and crash! My laptop tumbled down it has been haywire ever since. Then I decided to buy a desktop so that I can do my assignments and surf yada yada in my room. I kept the laptop away from my sight and use desktop until now. I brought it to Malaysia to be fixed. It was my one and only laptop, till I handover it to someone else, because the backlight is broken. IMHO I love my desktop better than my laptop because I used my own money. Still, I appreciate my mom’s present.

First Time to be Away from My Parents

Since I was in primary school. Last time, government servants need to work on Saturday. But then, that’s not so ‘away’. They came back during lunch. Oh, when I was in Year 5, went for camping.

First Time to Write a Story

I think I wrote my first story when I was in primary school. I was influenced ny my friend named Natrah Ramli, who was influenced by Ahadiat Akashah writing. I read her stories and tried to come up with something, but I never finished my writing, till I get into secondary school.

First Time to Clubbing

I don’t know whether it was clubbing or what. It was international night and I was not drunk at all. It was held in cafe rendezvous, which, makes it not a club at all, innit?

First Time Fall in Love

I always feel in love and I was never lucky until now. The first time I fell when I was in primary school. 12 years old. It was very immature, spontaneous, and childish. All I learned was, love hurts.

First Time to See the world

When my dad bought me an atlas. It was for my Kajian Tempatan subject and I learned that the world is so interesting, and I become a cultured person because of it. And yes, I dream to travel worldwide and be a UN ambassador.

First Time to Buy A GirlBoy Something

Darjah 6. I bought silly presents, hoping that he will remember and like me. Boohoo!! Boys are mean!!

First time to be a middle person…

I was never a middle person but a listener. I think girls are afraid to make me become their middle person. Haha!

First Time to Understand What is Life

When I was 22 years old. Knowing my existence in this world has a purpose. Making my life more meaningful being a Muslimah.

First Time to Learn Silat

When I was in Form 2. Silat Gayung. I managed to get Bengkung Hijau and I kep the certificate until now if you don’t believe me.

First Time to Meet a King

When I went to KL Conventional Centre. I captured video of YDP Agong Tuanku Mizan and his queen. I was running along with the reporters and it was a memorable experience because I get to feel how to be a journalist. And I’m lucky because I have not chose journalism as my career path.

My Very First Best Friend

She’s my mirror. I was tomboyish like her. It was sekoalah agama back then but there were loads of prejudice and nepotism. Kakak² disliked us because we are uniquely cool different. It was arabic school and we’re into English culture. We were loved by English teachers.  We speak good English and we have a preference for the English culture. We read Sidney Sheldon and R. L Stine when other people are reading majalah Mangga. People often misunderstood us and gave this mean, sly look. She received loads of slander due to her brave act. She rebels and I understand why. I learned from her. There must be someone to critic the corrupted system. After we had passed a few years of secondary schooling, I met her, without headscarf (tudung). She asked me “Are you not schocked?” (as she thought I would be, seeing her dress and all) and I said “No”, knowing her. I understand her condition because of her family history, and her family’s complexity.  I really feel like in her boots, so to say, when I am facing the same situation as her.

First Time to Realise that I am Actually A Slow Learner…

When I was in Cikgu Zan’s add math class. I just could not understand what he was trying to teach. But when somebody else ajar, faham la pulak. Entah. IDK. Math is complex actually.

First Time to Play Online RPG Game…

Ragnarok online, in 2001. It’s very cute and girlish. Poporing especially. Then  stopped playing it when I went to UK.

First time to live in UK

February 2006. I landed at Heathrow, experienced 5 degrees temperature. Coolness.

First Time to Be Spammed

When I first created my email when I was in form 3, when I used skinnyhippo2003 nick.

First Time to Understand Others do Care About Me…

Urm, I just realized it since I was a kid. I got caring grandparents, aunties and uncles. Thank god.

First Time to think about dieting

When I was in Form 2, I was really, really skinny. My weight barely reached 40 kilograms. The incident that makes me to think about dieting was when I need to ride bus lompat, I had to stand up from Ipoh to Bota, I was threwn around whenever it braved through bumpy roads, or slipped into a hard corner because I was under weight. I was laughed by budak-budak lelaki from sekolah teknik. Yup, I know. Malay boys are soooo not chivalrous. Instead of offering me their seats, they laughed at me. Due to the scene, I promised to gain weight ever since. Oh, my best friend also said that I’d look like an alien if I get slimmer. So I tried to eat more meat and veges. And now I need to shed more weight. Meh. It’s love-hate relationship I have, with Mr. Diet. Like Garfield said, “Diet is a “die” with a ‘t'”. Meh.

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  1. it wont make u any better than anyone else just because u read sidney sheldon or mangga or whatever mag. people were given their chances to elevated theirselves and no matter what u do, it cant change the way u thinks.

  2. assalam.. ni aini yg dulu sek manjung tu ke? ayat –> I was influenced ny my friend named Natrah Ramli, who was influenced by Ahadiat Akashah writing. – referring to me? 😉

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