2nd week of practicum

I am supposed to write an A4 length of weekly reflection. But~~~I turned out to write an entry. Haha.

I can say that I have a meaningful week when I did something for local art industry. hahah. I feel so unproductive lately. I know the fact I write less poetry that I used to. I know that I spend impulsively (see? very unproductive). But when I finally get out from my comfort cocoon and discuss about real issues of the real world, that’s what I call life.

second week of practicum is pretty stresful. On Thursday, I was so tired because the night before I slept at 4am because i re-write my lesson plan. Haih. On that Thursday evening there was a motivational talk for Year 6. I almost landed my head on one of my students’ shoulder if only Syafiq hadn’t woke me up. haha. Gosh. Caffeine doesn’t work at all that time.

On Friday I was bloody late. Woke up at 7 and fortunately managed to do everything before 0710. luckily i prepared my stuffs on the night before. seb bek 15 menit je nak ke sekolah. seb baek!! dalam hati “kalau la arini kiamat, mati aku”.

heh. i had crazy stressful days. i wonder what will happen to me as my practicum period ends?

One thought on “2nd week of practicum

  1. hehehehe~~
    you fell asleep??

    there are countless times when I myself succumbed to micro sleep…
    but i usually catch myself & force myself up before anyone could catch me!

    not easy being a teacher eh?

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