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Me: I’m so happy to buy this book. I thought it was hundred (Kinokuniya sold it to me for RM 63.80).

Him: Hmm. When it comes to reading material for computer, I prefer e-book. Books on computers are quickly outdated you see.

Me: Still, I cannot find any other book that suits the topic that I want to talk about. Although this book is published in 2004, no one writes on the same topic like he does.

Him: Ok fine but I still prefer electronic version.

Me: *haywire*

2 thoughts on “QDB.us: Books

  1. The book is not merely about how to create a blog. It’s more than that. It’s about encouraging teens to do blogging. And, of course, benefits of blogging.

    It gives motivation for teens to do blogging, even though they dislike reading and writing. Example, most teens like movie and music, thus, the way he writes persuasively, motivates teenagers to do blogging. Moreover, I just knew that blogging is a great start for teens who are shy, and a newcomer (in school). My friend’s friend is a close friend now to my friend. Urm, in simple English, blog have introduces us to each other.

    Ah Kam Koko, if you’re interested to read it, you can find same copy in ELTC library.

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