World book day

Today is World Book Day. I still remember that I used to collect loads of World Book Day postcard in MARJON, and sent some to Malaysia (It’s frolicking free!! 😀 I only need to pay 47 pence for the stamp!). One of my suggestion to my mak is Roald Dahl. But obviously, my mom does not read in English. But yeah, I still bug her to read good books. I hope the books that I presented to her has been read. *cross fingers*

This year, I’m celebrating World Book Day in Malaysia. I miss cheap good books in the UK. I wish Malaysia have (I know that Ujana Ilmu is almost similar but still, not a vast variety of books), carboot sale, book depository and friendly small local book store (they read before they sell).

Just now one of my friends [let’s name her adik] told me of her suggestion to do book fair in my college. She went to the library, asking the librarian to help her in the project. However, she was disappointed with the respond given.

“1- Cadangan adik tu bagus tapi adik boleh tengok berapa ramai je yang datang library ni pinjam buku. Akak boleh tunjuk muka mana yang selalu pinjam buku. Akak boleh hafal nama lagi.”

“2- Kakak library: [The librarian shows a French story book] Adik tahu harga ni berapa? Cuba adik teka?

Adik: Urm, tatau. Kalau kat Malaysia, belas-belas la kot?

Kakak library: Satu ni RM70. Daripada adik nak buat pesta buku, baik adik suruh budak² ni disiplin. Buku banyak yang kehilangan muka surat. Kena conteng.”

“Adik susah la. Publisher takmau datang bila kita cakap bilangan student kat sini berapa.”

“[After Adik showed a dissappointed face] Akak tahu cadangan adik tu bagus, tapi hakikatnya memang payah”

Hwargh. I seriously could not imagine what would I feel if I were in Adik’s shoes. Never mind adik! I will support you 110%. I somehow feel embarrassed with Malaysian’s reading habit. I believe that “you are what you read”. Reading builds foundation for your thinking. I know the fact that reading Roadl Dahl’s books has made me become a person who think out of the box. I am not ordinary. I am not a commoner. I am odd and special. I thank Roadl Dahl for stimulating my brain to be a creative and imaginative thinker. I thank God for creating Roadl Dahl and gave him inspiration to inspire others.

In the end, adik decided to do “Used books sale”. Much practical and will not waste much money. No publisher will take high risk and everyone will be happy. AND, it saves trees too! I hope many people will participate and interested to sell and buy books.

Happy world book day!!

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