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10 years ago

Was studying in a primary school, drilled for UPSR exam. Bullying some friends. Quite hectic schedule I had actually. Morning at Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Manjung. One and a half hour lunch break, then go to Sekolah Petang or Sekolah KAFA (Agama). Then I got like half hour to prep for tution. After Maghrib, read Quran. After Isya’ do homework. Sometime too bored (read: lazy), I’ll just skip the homework and watch TV. Got loads of cool action TV series like Knight Riders, MacGyvers, and Robocop.

5 years ago

SPM time. Still nakal. Other people study but not me. I slept during prep-study hour. I listen to my walkman while pretending to read (sorok bawah tudung). I slept when other people burn the midnight oil (princess needs the beauty sleep you see). Oh wait, I do read. Lemme see, Youth Quakes (NST pull-out for youths). Oxford series of classic tales (this is the year when I read Wuthering Heights hundred times). Sweet Valley High and SV University. Oh, did I mention novel Alaf 21? Lulz.

A year ago

Was enjoying my last bit in Plymouth. Eat loads of Haagen Dasz, cheesecake, pasta, cous cous, and many more which I think I won’t easily find in Malaysia. Oh yeah, I was sick most of the time. I hate that part. Dissertation? Major. It cost half of my life. My dissertation is priceless. Anyhow, I try to utilise my time so that I will not regret. Plymouth is a beautiful place, serene and absolutely a place to study. Quite sad to leave Plymouth and people over there. I miss my Subuh morning call as well.

Yesterday I was…

Stuck in the longest traffic jam. Luckily we didn’t take PLUS highway. I heard it’s much worse. We depart from Manjung at 10, then reach Teluk Intan by 11 something, then at 1230 we continue our (me, mak, aco, and adik rap) journey to check out Rap’s school in Sabak Bernam. Was situated in deep rural area. But was a very nice school. It’s like a hidden castle in the jungle. Then about 3 o’clock we were searching for Kuala Lumpur sign. Then I remembered that I was bloody sleepy and tired, then sleep early.

5 snacks I enjoy

  1. Famous Amos chocolate chips and pecan biscuits
  2. Candy cane!!
  3. Keropok tam tam (bantal/ketam) but tastier version which I bought in pasar malam Kerinchi.
  4. Bika poppadom crisp with chicken flavour (MSG actually)
  5. Hersheys: kisses

5 songs I know all the words to

  1. Lelaki ini – Anuar Zain
  2. Bisikan hati – unknown (I memorized it for 97’s Hari Kanak² choir)
  3. Mirwana – Hikmah Kembara
  4. Mirwana – Permataku
  5. Bukan cinta biasa – Siti Nurhaliza

Bad habits

  1. perasan I am a princess (which means everybody have to obey and love me)
  2. IAD
  3. I pout my lips whenever I sulk
  4. I am a Sleeping Beauty 😉
  5. throwing tantrum like infants

5 biggest joy

  1. Settle down with ‘the one’
  2. Unconditional love
  3. Super duper speedy broadband
  4. Working with Google
  5. fund expanditure

5 favourite toys


  1. Pink Sony Cybershot T20
  2. *A desktop which is equipped with super duper RAM
  3. SIMS 2 DVD (Is it a toy?)
  4. *Nintendo Wii
  5. *Russian spaceship

5 favourite tv shows

  1. CSI Vegas
  2. CSI New York
  3. Gilmore Girls
  4. My wife & kids
  5. America’s next top model with Tyra Banks

I want to tag: Whoever wants to fulfil their precious time. Lulz.

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