Hee hee. Finally. I online guna laptop kawan sambil menggunakan hotspot dari menara Telekom. BTW, so many things to say.

I miss the time reading people’s blog and blogging about anything under the sun.

Thank you for the comments, people. Very touching.

Today I went out with Azwan, Aini Shamsi and Omark. Tiring rupenye cari komputer kat Loyat. Penuh sesak bahu ke bahu. Trafik manusia memang padat. Hujan pula. Loyat buat duit dengan tandas. Lima puluh sen sekali. Surau Low Yat Plaza, menghampakan.

Malaysia climate makes my sensitive skin have heat rashes. Huu~ Camana nak jadi beautiful kalau duduk kat country panas mcm ni? I think it’s due to my allergy which I get after a while in UK.

BTW, thank you aini shamsi for the souvenirs from Adelaide.

Gosh. I’m bloody tired. The sun in Malaysia saps my energy. The pollution and cigaret’s smoke as well. *sigh*

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  1. alorr.. it doesnt sound that vain when i say it.. please use d right tone while reading it.. hehehe.. alor im just joking!

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