Love of Galaxy

Have you ever met magical creation from the one and only God? Love?
I did. I opened it up and my heart flies to the space.


Falling into that beautiful thing called Love

(Ridiculous, inconvinient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.)

ATTRACTION, flirtation, euphoria, doubt, the truth

(I don’t know why I want you but I really do.)

…Here it is. That inexplicable, elemental tug. That surprising sudden feeling you’ve been waiting for. This is yesyesyes. This is where you find something or someone, and just fall for them. Illogically. Irresistably. And find yourself thinking of nothing else. Because it’s attraction, and the dream of love to follow, that keeps the imagination alive. It’s attraction that makes life sparkle and pop and fizz…

Galaxy: Never stop falling in love…

😀 There is no reason why we should feel guilty for the blessing. Thank you Allah.

9 thoughts on “Love of Galaxy

  1. and if we still haven’t fall into that beautiful thing called love, just be patient and we will soon fall when we least expected..

    hik hik hik..

    bile turn aku nak jatuh tergolek ni?

  2. waa~

    sis ainee da tergolek ka?


    *counting my blessings*

    love hurt especially when he is not the one.
    love also hurt especially when he doesnt realise it.

    but im ready to take the whole package of it 🙂

  3. gambar itu adalah pembungkus chocolate bar galaxy.
    those words are taken from it. not mine *angkat tangan*

    Adam: baek~~~

    Alin: you don’t plan to jatuh tergolek. you just fall.

    c4f: you don’t need a parachute. all you need is appendectomy.

    rynn: ni bukan tergolek. ni terbang ke angkasa. hikhik.

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