The five things meme

Was tagged by Uncle Adam, so here’s mine:

5 Things In My ‘Sling’ Bag

1. Papers: Notes, handouts, timetable.
2. Book: Education in Malaysia (1985)
3. My gigantic purse
4. Scented tissue pack
5. Pencil case

5 Things That Are In My Wallet: Got loads of stuffs actually.

1. My driving license
2. Library cum student card
3. Bank debit card
4. Calling cards
5. A few notes in different currencies

5 Favourite Things In My Bedroom
1. Bed
2. Duvet
3. My cool PC
4. Books
5. My Body Shop products range

5 Things I Wish To Do
1. Ensure my mom’s happiness
2. Settle down, marry a good decent guy (being alone sucks)
3. Go for hajj pilgrimage (earlier, better)
4. Produce an anthology of my poems
5. Produce a blook

5 Things That I Am Doing Now
1. Writing this meme
2. Checking My eBay
3. Writing my assignment
4. Scooping hazelnut chocolate spread                                                              5.  Listening to  Grey’s Anatomy OST

And the lucky people that I wish to know more:

  1. Shahieda
  2. Syafwah
  3. Azwang
  4. Kak Aisyah Dundee 
  5. Kak Khairyn

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