Desmond Tutu Center launch: towards reconciliation

Today is one of the biggest event in the history of MARJON. Desmond Tutu Center(DTC) finally launched today, 8 November 2006. Right, who knows Desmond Tutu please lift their mouse. To those who don’t have any idea about him, read it here. This nice archbishop just celebrated his 75th birthday. The place is named after him, although he believe that we should not name a place after a person who is still alive. However, he said, for this (humanity) sake, he allows.

There were many people attended the ceremony. Lord Mayor, MPs, and many more. After the amusing speeches (by David, a chaplain who used to learn together with Mr Desmond in King’s College–sorry; I forgotten his name, and MARJON’s principal Professor David), there was a man, who lost his son, in 2005. Giving a speech in Arabic (luckily I can still recognize few words), accompanied with strong material video, made many shed tears. What do you expect of me? Well, I cried too (I saw His Lord Mayer lifted his glass and wipe his tears too! You see, men cry too). It’s too hard to imagine your own son, playing, then suddenly he will never smile and call “abi (daddy)” and “ummi (mummy)” again. That is what happened to people who live between borderline of war. Their life is at stake. While boys in America are playing Half-Life, using virtual gun, Palestinian boys are playing with REAL gun. Yes, they go to school. They have their own playtime like kids in the other world, but they are in great danger. I can’t imagine to lose a beautiful son like Ahmad Al Khateeb. His parents even give their son’s organ to 4 people who need them. 2 Arabs and 2 Jews. And his speech, is simple, yet sorrowful, and the only one received standing ovation.

I talked to Ahmad’s mum when she was in the Old Chapel. I managed to understand a bit, since her language Arabic is much different than what I learned in school. I think she don’t get me much either. LOL. I need to re-learn Arabic after this. Why? Lughatul jannah (heaven’s language). His prophet’s language. Owh, I miss the Arabic lessons with Ustadz Yazid so much. I think I want to call him after this.

Honestly, before this, I never wish to change this world towards better place. But Mr Desmond said “dream, dream, dream, and work towards your dream”. He even told one of the ARROW girls (in the video) that “Who knows one day you will receive Nobel Prize for peace. Who knows one day you will be the president of South Africa?”. It’s quite sad he can’t join the event although the place is named after him. So, from then, I look differently. I can’t be a teacher merely. There are many people suffer of war and racial conflicts. Even in my own country.

What I contributed and gained today? I helped Dienka put up the posters for the Collective Voices booth and had ‘once in a lifetime experience’ for today.

So friends, respect is not what you gain, but what you earn.

Extra: screeshot from my newly installed ubuntu.

PS: Make a change (in any way). Streotype is boring.

4 thoughts on “Desmond Tutu Center launch: towards reconciliation

  1. You are one lucky girl.
    To meet the both two figures must be a priceless experience in your life.

    Like Syada, I wish I was there too.

  2. didnt manage to read all..huhu sowee babe

    had enuf of academic reading~~

    desmond tutu.. kat africa kah aku????

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